Children blossoming in a nurturing environment 

Sprouts Classroom

Our Sprouts classroom provides a strong vocabulary enriched curriculum that allows for key literacy skills to be introduced to children. With a play-based curriculum children have both structured and unstructured activities each day. The children guide their learning by exploring an discovering each day. Children spend time both indoors and outdoors. Sensory exploration and daily art projects create a fun learning environment for the children.


Our Sprouts classroom receives breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack, and evening snack. All meals are included in your tuition. Once your child turns two they are switched from whole milk to 1% milk.


With a teacher-to-child ratio of 1:7 and a maximum group size of 14 our teachers are able to connect and build relationships with all children. The teachers work hard to individualize their curriculum to ensure children's developmental needs are being met.


Our Sprouts classroom has one naptime after lunch. It is about 2 hours in length. children nap on cots and are only required to lay in their cots for 30 minutes. If they do not fall asleep they are given an alternative activity. 

Classroom Environment

The Sprouts classroom is where your child will begin their potty training journey. There are size appropriate toilets and sinks within this classroom. Children will also learn how to wash their hands independently. The Sprouts classroom has their own playground suited to a toddlers needs. Their classroom environment is set up to foster all areas of development.

Schedule and Curriculum

The schedule in Sprouts is posted in the classroom. Children have the opportunity for both structured and unstructured play within their day. We are play-based which means the activities and materials are set out daily for your child to explore and learn. Teachers spend their time sitting on the floor engaging with the children to expand their learning.