Children blossoming in a nurturing environment 

Seedlings Classroom

Our infant program is designed to provide each child with a safe and nurturing environment that will stimulate learning.  The teachers model and provide a loving Christian environment. Seedlings has a daily curriculum that introduces the little ones to lifelong learning through exploration. The curriculum provides experiences that foster development in all aspects of the child's life. Classroom teachers provide praise and positive reinforcement for all accomplishments and efforts. Teachers actively chart the development of each child. All parents are provided with daily communication regarding their child's learning, feeding, and personal care routines at the end of each day.


All bottles that parents provide must be prepared and ready to feed. We will work closely with you when you start to introduce purees and/or soft foods and will only offer these after you have asked us to.


Our Seedlings classroom has a teacher-child ratio of 1:4 and a maximum of 8 babies. The low ratio allows for teachers to get to know each child and care uniquely for them.


All infants will receive their own crib. We provide the crib sheet. We follow safe sleep practices. Our cribs are located in the classroom which allows us full supervision of all sleeping infants.

Classroom Environment

Our Seedlings classroom creates an environment that allows critical connections that promote infant development to be made. An essential piece of our Seedlings classroom is the relationship formed between teacher and child. 


All infants are unique and require their own schedule. Our Seedling teachers work with you to create a perfect daily schedule suited to meet the needs of your child.