Children blossoming in a nurturing environment 

Roses Classroom

Our Roses classroom is the classroom that children attend their last year of preschool before entering Kindergarten. Our teachers work hard to ensure your child will be ready for Kindergarten when that day comes. Literacy and math are two of the main focuses in this classroom. The children also explore science, social studies, the bible, music, health, and art. The children are growing in all developmental areas and teachers provide daily experiences to promote your child's development. 


All meals are included with your tuition. Roses children receive breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack, and evening snack. 


The teacher-to-child ratio for Roses is 1:10 with a maximum group size of 20. Individual learning is focused on to ensure the children are developing in their knowledge and to allow for children to learn at their own pace.


Children begin to wean from naptime in the Roses classroom. By the end of summer children who are entering Kindergarten will transition from a 2 hour nap to 30 minutes of rest time. 

Classroom Environment

The Roses classroom is set up to promote the highest level of learning. Children are provided with various activities, toys, and experiences that deepen their learning each day. 

Schedule and Curriculum

Roses have a daily schedule that allows for both structured and unstructured learning. Activities are set out daily to allow children to explore and learn independently. Children learn both indoors and outdoors each day. The Roses children are given opportunities each day for independent play, small group, and large group activities.