Children blossoming in a nurturing environment 

Our Teachers

Ms. Kayla

Assistant Director

Ms. Kayla joined the team in August of 2018. She is great at taking charge and making sure that everything runs smoothly. She will jump into any classroom to help, can handle almost anything, and is very dedicated to her work and the families at Rosebuds.

Ms. Andrea

Kitchen Manager

Ms. Andrea started with us in August of 2018. She is always willing to help, always smiling, has great ideas and loves every single child with all her heart. She started as a teacher and has quickly moved into management. She always takes initiative!

Ms. Lauren

Floating Teacher

Ms. Lauren has been with us since June of 2018. She is fun, outgoing, and the children love having her around. She is not afraid to roll around on the ground with the children or get dirty with an art project. She jumps in where needed when she is home from College!

Ms. Kiara

Sprouts Lead Teacher

Ms. Kiara has been with us since September of 2018. She is very organized, always has personalized curriculum for the kiddos, understands diversity among children, and is a lot of fun! She loves spending her time getting to know everything she can about each child in her class.

Ms. Marisol

Roses Lead Teacher

Ms. Marisol joined our team in September of 2018. When we hired Ms. Marisol we knew we won the lottery! She is always working hard to teach the young minds, has creative ideas, and is patient. She has a dedication to teaching and has a strong ability to develop relationship with her students.

Ms. Makayla

Blossoms Lead Teacher

Ms. Makayla does so well with the children. She has worked with us since November of 2018. She is always happy, having fun, and the kiddos are always learning new things. Ms. Makayla is also a full-time college student!

Ms. Alexis

Buds Lead Teacher

Ms. Alexis started working at Rosebuds in January of 2019. She is not afraid to take charge, always steps up to help, ensures everyone knows the correct polices, and loves on your children so well. .

Ms. Mckenzie

Seedlings Lead Teacher

Ms. Mckenzie joined our team in April of 2019. She is always happy, smiling, and loving on our babies. She is patient, kind, and has so many great ideas. Her curriculum is top notch and her parent communication is outstanding.

Ms. Ebonee

Blossoms Lead Teacher

Ms. Ebonee joined our team in November of 2019. Her classroom is a peaceful, fun, and engaging environment. She is always willing to take charge, do what is right, and loves all the children.

Ms. Nicole

Floating Teacher

Ms. Nicole started with us in August of 2020. She adapts to every classroom. She is always willing to work longer shifts and is very reliable. She loves working in every classroom and spends time getting to know each child!

Ms. Caitlin

Sprouts Lead Teacher

Ms. Caitlin joined our team in September of 2020. She is very calm and patient within her classroom. She works well with toddlers and has been a great addition to our team. 

Ms. Savannah

Floating Teacher

Ms. Savannah joined our team in September of 2020. She is great at taking charge, parent communication, and teaching the children. She works full-time in the South Washington School district as a paraprofessional. She spends her afternoons here with us!

Our Assistant Teachers

Ms. Raigen

Buds Assistant Teacher

Ms. Raigen joined our team in April of 2019. She has blossomed into one of our go-to teachers. She is always willing to step in when needed, loves every classroom, knows every child, and is always happy. Ms. Raigen is a teacher that can teach infants, toddlers, preschools, or school age children at the drop of a dime. We are SO lucky she is on our team!

Our Aides

Ms. Kathy

Roses Aide

Ms. Kathy has been with Rosebuds since we opened in January of 2018. She worked with Sonshine Preschool before we switched over to Rosebuds. We are so appreciative of her love for the children. She is always happy, the kids love having her around, and she will jump in and help whenever needed.

Ms. Nikki

Floating Assistant

Ms. Nikki joined our team in May of 2019. She has great communication, is responsible, and has an awesome sense of humor. She is a full-time college student and spends her breaks and summer with us. 

Ms. Jessie

Sprouts Aide

Ms. Jessie joined our team in November. You will never find her not smiling. She is friendly, caring, and always on the children's level. She cares about each child as an individual and is always soaking up knowledge to become the best teacher she can be. 

Mr. Anthony

Floating Aide

Mr. Anthony started with us in February of 2020. The kids love having him around. He is nice, plays with the kids, and is always ready to help. Mr. Anthony is also a high school senior!

Ms. Katy

Floating Aide

Ms. Katy is a soft spoken, kind hearted teacher. She works well with children of all ages. We are lucky to have her!

Ms. Eden 

Sprouts Aide

Ms. Eden started with us in September of 2020. She is great with children and loves on them like they are her own. She has a young son and daughter!

Ms. Azariah 

Floating Aide

Ms. Azariah joined our team in October of 2020. She moved here from Texas. She loves being with the children and is very friendly. She is flexible and helpful!!

Ms. Paige

Floating Aide

Ms. Paige started with us in January 2021. She has been a great addition to our team! She jumps in where needed and has enjoyed getting to know every kiddo. She is a high school senior and joins us after school each day.