Children blossoming in a nurturing environment 

The health and safety of the children is Rosebuds Early Learning Center’s highest priority. We always make sure we create a safe and healthy learning environment. We have policies and procedures set in place that all teachers are trained on monthly.

center security

  • We have a keypad entry on our main door and church door with a code that changes every few months
  • If there is an additional concern, we will change the code more frequently
  • Employees get a separate code that is changed frequently
  • Video camera monitoring
  • There are video cameras in each of the classrooms, hallways, and entry way for added security
  • We keep all doors locked throughout the day

safe and secure environment

  • “Open door” policy for parents
  • Please come in whenever you want!
  • Teachers do a daily inspection of the classroom to ensure it is free from any hazards
  • We check toys daily to ensure they are safe and age appropriate
  • We have protective finger guards on all doors
  • Each month our Seedlings classroom completes a crib inspection
  • We have a daily attendance log
  • All classrooms do “name to face” checks every hour
  • “Name to face” means a teacher in looking at a list of children’s names/pictures and checking that they are present
  • We follow an inclement weather policy
  • Our building and grounds are smoke free
  • We have a confidentiality policy

health practices

  • We have monthly meetings with a registered nurse to ensure best practices are being implemented
  • We have a strict exclusion policy
  • We always have up-to-date immunization records
  • We follow CACFP food guidelines for healthy meals and snacks


  • Staff are trained in both pediatric CPR and first aid within the first 90 days of starting
  • This is maintained and re-tested every 2 years
  • Background studies for all those in contact with children
  • Staff are trained in prevention of Sudden Unexpected Infant Death Syndrome and Abusive Head Trauma
  • Staff are trained monthly on various health and safety polices
  • Staff completed child development courses throughout the year

COVID updates

  • We​ are continuing and increasing handwashing throughout the day
  • We have minimized use of shared supplies
  • We follow all CDC guidelines for cleaning and disinfecting surfaces and supplies
  • Health checks are completed upon arrival and throughout the day
  • Staff are assigned to one group of children and remain with those children throughout the week, as much as possible
  • Increased guidelines for exclusion of children and staff when sick