Children blossoming in a nurturing environment 

Blossoms Classroom

Our Blossoms classroom curriculum introduces all learning concepts. Our daily curriculum includes literacy, mathematics, science, social studies, worship, social development, emotional development and many other key concepts in child development. Vocabulary development is very important at this stage and children will begin to learn the art of writing. Parents are included in their child’s academic progress through daily communication and parent-teacher conferences.


All of our meals are provided in our tuition. Blossoms children receive breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack, and evening snack each day. They are served age appropriate portion sizes and a well balanced meal.


The ratio in our Blossoms classroom is 1 teacher to 10 children with a maximum of 20 preschoolers. The teachers plan their curriculum based on the children in their classroom. 


Our Blossoms children nap for about 2 hours after lunch. Preschoolers are only allowed to stay on their cots for 30 minutes. If your preschooler is not sleeping after 30 minutes they are allowed to join in on a quiet activity with their teacher.

Classroom Environment

Our Blossoms classroom is our largest room. This allows for young preschoolers to explore and learn. The classroom is set up in separate areas to promote cognitive, social, emotional, and motor development. Teachers spend their time sitting with the children to help promote deeper learning. 

Schedule and Curriculum

The Blossoms classroom has a daily schedule that they follow. In this classroom young preschoolers are beginning to grow in their social and emotional skills. The curriculum focuses on every developmental domain. Our program is play-based meaning children have both structured and unstructured activities planned each day.